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Painting the Roses Red

J-Fashion Pixels <3

Painting the Roses Red :: JapaneseFashionGraphics
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All Members , Moderated

Painting the Roses Red: Japanese Fashion Graphics
Welcome to Painting the Roses Red! This community has been created for those who enjoy viewing/creating graphics pertaining to Japanese Fashion.
No general discussions on Japanese street wear, auctions, direct sales, etc. If it does not pertain in any way to graphics, then take it to another community. You may want to visit egl or fruits for regular discussion.

What can I post here?

    [+]Application Skins



    [+]Friends Only Banners


    [+]Pixel Sprites

    [+]Places to get source images


    [+]Signature Banners

    [+]Site Designs or Layouts

    [+]Site Graphics


    [+]Techniques, tricks, and/or tutorials on graphics

    [+]Updates and announcements from your own graphics website containing j-fashion graphics


When you save something, leave a comment...

Requests should be j-fashion related (of course). You may post a picture and ask things be made from it. You may ask for things with a certain fashion idol, color, or anything like that...

If you have large images (larger than 400x400), more then three icons, or anything you think would be a good idea to place under a livejournal cut, do so. If you'd like to post something that isn't on the list, and you think is appropriot, you can im me (lilbitbluemiwako) or leave a comment.

All members must be respectful of other members. If you must criticize, be constructive about it and keep in mind people have feelings. Moderators have every right to delete posts/comments that are unacceptable.

Only members can participate in these challenges. Challenges will run for TWO weeks and will be changed on
Saturdays, unless other wise stated. Every other week I (or another mod) will post the guidlines for that challenge. Please keep your posts containing your work for the challege as Friends Only~ Biggest rule for these challenges: Have Fun!!


G&L street snaps are love <3

Made by meiki

Capelets are frilly love <3

Made by meiki

Loli friends are love <3

Made by meiki

EGL families are love <3

Made by meiki